Technical Support

Purchaser will receive, by USB flash drive, the purchased XLSB/XLSM version software within 4 days (network version can be downloaded on the purchased day). For package purchaser, please email us your left top logo with your order. Any our software bugs can be fixed promptly, and the updated software will be emailed back to reporter.
License: Single Package License for single user with one computer (for C:\Users\[1 name]\, NOT for 2 or more users using the same C:\Users\[1 name]\ ). ($1850 + )

  Two Package License for two users with five computers ( C:\Users\[2 names]\ ). ($3520 + )

  (Or please email us for Google Pay and/or PayPal purchase invoice.)

Upgrade for Package Purchaser: $189 per request. (Based on the End User License Agreement, if a purchaser does not want to update, the purchaser can use the Package on the licensed computer without expire. But if the purchaser wants to update new IBC/CBC Package license, including new software that released from the purchased date, the purchaser has to pay the upgrading fee within each year)

For any problem to load/run the purchased software, including Error 1004, please follow this link and email us to know. We will do prompt response.

Custom Software & Analysis

If our Package still cannot cover your design, please email us to know. We provide custom spreadsheet & analysis service for Package purchaser.

Full Structural Consultanting Service

Please contact DJ Engineers & Builders Inc.


We never authorized any third-party to sell or distribute our software on behalf of our company. Two (or Three) Package License is for the purchaser's company with the same Federal Tax ID. The purchased professional version are XLSB/XLSM software by Windows Excel 2010/2013 or 2016 Office 365. We do not sell individual software because all software database linked together for full functions. We do not provide unprotected spreadsheet (original programming language), but our Package are VBA software, not EXE applications, so if purchaser has the original USB key, our original programming language of Basic for Applications can be Visual for any cases. DO NOT UNPROTECT the spreadsheets (lost VAB Events). If the software un-locked/hacked, the calculations, at random times, will be inadequate and entire Package database will be changed. We seriously control the Package license that locked manufacturer's IDs of licensed computers. Please use hard copy or PDF file, not XLSB/XLSM/XLS/EXE version, as project records. Please check End User License Agreement for more information.
The individual developers of the software might have other employers besides Daniel T. Li, Engineering International Inc. These other employers are not participants in the development, ownership or sale of the software and have no responsibility or liability for the software accuracy or performance.
We intend that the analysis is accurate and reliable, but it is entirely the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy and applicability. The entire liability of Daniel T. Li, Engineering International Inc. shall be limited to the purchase price. Please check this web version software before purchasing. We can not refund your payment if we sent you entire Package/Group.

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